Conference Tracks

Conference Tracks

In this intensive, two-day conference, Summit participants will engage, collaborate, and explore with colleagues new integrated water management approaches and technologies. Our four primary conference tracks include:

Water Reuse
Encompasses policies associated with indirect and direct potable reuse (IDPR and DPR), facility planning and design, water treatment, water-quality management, agricultural reuse, and groundwater management. Presentations in this track will highlight innovative reuse projects and may also focus on topics such as nutrient recovery, aquifer recharge, contaminants of emerging concern, and public education.

The Future of Green Infrastructure
Focuses on green infrastructure for stormwater management and also as it relates to water reuse. The goal of using GI for stormwater management has usually been simply to remove water from the stormwater system by infiltrating it as quickly as possible. Now we’re starting to view aquifer replenishment and capture for irrigation or other uses as equally important goals. Presentations in this track will look at examples of multi-use GI projects.

Soils & Surface Water
Concerns soil stabilization, restoration and generation efforts and their relationship to the larger water quality, carbon sequestration and conservation conversation. Presentations in this track will look at efforts throughout the West, including post-wildfire related projects such as restoration, revegetation and landslide prevention.

Water Law
Delves into new and developing regulations, including the new Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, ongoing challenges to the Clean Water Act, regulatory frameworks and permitting processes for water reuse projects, and other issues involving water rights. Topics in this track also include financial and policy issues for stormwater managers, engineers and water utilities; collaboration among MS4-permitted cities, such as pooling resources to develop public education and outreach materials; complying with stringent industrial stormwater permits; and the challenges of convincing ratepayers and public officials of the need for a stormwater utility in an arid environment.

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